Before You Date or Marry A Man From Ebonyi State. Read This!🚶🔵Their Marriage Views & Lifestyles.🤦

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Before You Date or Marry A Man From Ebonyi State. Read This!🚶🔵Their Marriage Views & Lifestyles.🤦
I’m not gonna write much about Ebonyi state men. But take note. The moment you agreed to marry from there, you automatically signed a SUFFERING & SMILING DEAL.
Like I said last night, they shouldn’t have created that state yet. How can Enugu & Abia state that haven’t feed well reproduce another state. No na, it’s unfair. Just like bringing a child to this world without any proper plans or arrangement for the child.😪
Ebonyi men are hard workers. In fact they’re are the strongest among other igbo states men. Same with the women. But life is just unfair and unkind to them.(NOT ALL) but 90%. They Labour hard with less pay. Maybe I should blame the Ebonyi state government. But that’s not why I’m here. Thank you.
Ebonyi state is fuckin poor. Forget about those Flyover and roads their governor is running Facebook Advert on to deceive people.😏 Visit the state, explore the villages. Ask questions about how life is treating them. You don’t even need to ask, you will see everything for yourself.
But Ebonyi women are good. But easily get angry and can kill in the process.(NOT ALL). Do your own research about this. Same with the men, still (NOT ALL).
They’re the most uneducated people in Igbo land. Followed by Anambra people, partially Enugu. But Imo & Abia fear them o. Just that they’re still poor, despite all the educations. Waste of School fees and knowledge.🚶🚶🚶
I don’t just feel like writing all I know about Ebonyi men/people. That state need help. So I don’t blame them.
Less I forget, the bride price high o. After Imo state, na Dem. But only one thing can cause this. HUNGER.(Not An Insult Biko). Ndi óma.🙌
In summary, if you need a hard-working man or woman, then Ebonyi state is surely the best place to pick one. But make sure you are rich o to balance the equation. If you’re poor, please don’t go there. No carry ur own poverty go join theirs. Thanks.
Uhmm what else?🤔
The men have all the qualities you need in a man. You understand what I mean abi? Endtime children.🤣 If those men handle you in bed ehn, with the annoyance of the money they don’t have, u go kwere. The least is 10inch. The rest are 12 – 20inch long.🚶
So if you can deal with their Quick Anger and Poverty problem, then go ahead and marry from there. An Ebonyi woman can help you reshape and build up your life. They’re not too demanding.
They’re beautiful, tall and dark mostly. But their tongue need circumcision from God pronounce something wey person go fit hear na wahala. The languages there can deaf your ear. Sounds like North Korea missiles. Gbogbo gbigbi gbegbe. Oh gawd ðŸ˜©
I said I won’t write much abi. So lemme drop pen here.
Wait o Ebonyi people, are kinda greedy and stingy but still (NOT ALL!). And no matter where you take them to, that local lifestyles still remains. Just like Cha Cha Eke(Nollywood Actress) she’s still local despite all the money and exposure.🚶🚶🚶
Bikonu ndi Ebonyi state nó eba. Dont personalise this post o. Because this very post even weak me the writer. But no vex. Happy More 14Days Lockdown.🚶🚶🚶

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