Before You Date or Marry A Man From Enugu. Read This!πŸšΆπŸ”΅Their Marriage Views & Lifestyles.🀦

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Before You Date or Marry A Man From Enugu. Read This!πŸšΆπŸ”΅Their Marriage Views & Lifestyles.🀦
Enugu men are average fuckers. Not too good, not too bad. They don’t womanize that much. Dem no sabi lie. Not that they don’t lie o they can lie mumu lie…They don’t have the sense to lie properly. Their lies dey boring like Indian Movies. Should I kukuma say they’re not too smart.😏
On this publication, I’m gonna used the Nsukka part of Enugu to air my views. Because the Nsukka is almost what the whole Enugu State is.
In Nsukka, single ladies can flirt with any man they like both married and single men but the moment they are married, no more.
In Nsukka Enugu State, a married man can sleep with any single lady except married ones. It is highly prohibited for married man or woman from Nsukka to sleep with another married man or woman, no matter where the person came from..even if the person is a foreigner.
Single Nsukka men can sleep with any girl across the globe, so long the girl is not married. They’re not allowed to sleep with a married woman irrespective of where she is from.
So if cheating is in your blood, then avoid Enugu men. Don’t marry them.(The Nsukka part) before u die or run mad.
The punishment for violenting this law is Death or Madness. This practice was still active as at 27 August 1991 I visited Enugu last when the state was created/carved from Anambra state . But I don’t know for now. Children of nowadays can change things overnight. Oh my very good friend Chief Mmadukwe Ebekamma of those days may your soul rest in peace.πŸ˜ͺ
Then I was also told that the Naukka part of Enugu are very tough and diabolic people. But I think this speculations is false. Maybe the Anambrians are the ones behind it as they don’t always agree or even marry each other currently. Maybe Anambra doesn’t want Enugwu to separate from them due to the rich Coals in Enugu as at then..but Enugu insisted and left Anambra state with nothing. Oh painful!πŸ˜‚
Enugu is a very small once rich but now poor state. This is why Nollywood uses Enugu the most for Epic and Traditional movies shots. Due to the ancient houses therein. The population is not much, they’re not even up to 1 million people. But very hospitable in nature. When you visit this people, they would nearly kill you with Isiewu, Abacha, fiofio, akpu/fufu, Ugba, pepper soup, African salad, banga soup, oha soup, nkwobi and ukwa.
Enugu state Tourist Attractions is top-notch! Anyway, I’m not surprised. What else do you expect from a local place. They cannot be useless all-round na.πŸ˜‚πŸšΆ
Enugu men has almost same lifestyles and marriage views with the Anambra people. Remember that they were carved out from Anambra state. Meaning that they were once Anambrians. But doesn’t speak La or Fa.🚢
There parents have much influence on them but to an extent. When you marry from there be ready for in-laws trouble especially when they noticed that you’re too smart and intelligent. And for your sake, their son is no longer showing much care or concerns about them…my sister ina! you’re finished.
Enugu men are not greedy nor stingy. Enugu men and women are the best in Igbo land, followed by E….state as at 1965 I visited before my second visit on 27th August 1991. But I don’t know if they have changed o. Because this Buhari government is full of signs and wonders, anything can happen. Even if Jesus come down to Nigeria now, trust me he will be compromised.🚢
Marry from Enugu sha. If not that I have already planned to marry an Egyptian or Algerian, na Enugu I for marry from. Their women are somehow easy to handle. But dem sabi vex oo but not like Ebonyi state women πŸ˜‚I will talk about those one later.🚢
Are Enugu men lazy?
Not really sha..but it seems they are used to suffering and smiling. But they have same hustling spirit with the Anambrians. An Enugu man that didn’t go to School at all, can successfully run a business that even a PHD holder cannot handle. But even as that, life still dey hard dem. Maybe person naked swear for dem on main road sha.🚢🚢🚢
Uhm what else?πŸ€”
Enugu and Anambra state are almost the same. So applied most of the things I wrote about the Anambrians on the Enugu people as well. πŸšΆ
Enugu people reading this, don’t take it personal. I’m only stating the obvious. Bye bye.
Na una suppose thank me sef.😏

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