Before You Date or Marry A Rivers State Man. Read This!šŸš¶šŸ”µTheir Marriage Views & Lifestyles.šŸ¤¦

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Before You Date or Marry A Rivers State Man. Read This!šŸš¶šŸ”µTheir Marriage Views & Lifestyles.šŸ¤¦
You’re a lady praying and hoping to date or marry a faithful man who doesn’t cheat, then stay away from Rivers State men. Womanizing and Rivers men are like 5&6. They’re also good at Kiss & Tell.šŸ¤¦ But they’re kinda romantic, handsome, smart, intelligent but doesn’t stick with 1 woman..
Their parents doesn’t have much influence on them on marriage. In the aspect of choosing wives for them, unlike Anambra men.
And if you can tolerate a cheating husband, then marry from Rivers State. But be assured that you will be properly taken care of and loved. But hey, who does that! I can’t even stand a cheating girlfriend sef talk more about a wife.šŸ˜šŸš¶
Then another problem with Rivers men and marriage is their sisters. They are so problematic just as Anambra Men’s sisters are. Rivers women(NOT ALL) hardly stay in their husbands house. Maybe because of the Natural Resources in the state. In Rivers State, women has almost equal rights with men. The room they occupied before getting married is always preserved for them in case dem marry small and no wan marry again.šŸ¤£
And after they must have returned from their husbands house, they will become obstacles and agents of mass distraction in the life of their brothers wives.(NOT ALL).
Rivers men especially those that live in Port-Harcourt and partly Riverine area residents, doesn’t have sense. Once they starch their Etibo Cloths, automatically they have arrived and made it in life.šŸ¤¦
Rivers people especially those from the Riverine areas hardly go to School. Unfortunately, I’m from the Riverine part of Rivers State. But those that went to School, are always fucking intelligent and smart! You can’t withstand a Rivers man, even if he stopped at Secondary level. Unless the person is a natural ODE, OLODO & ITIBORIBO. And if you check well, the mumu in our midst has mixed blood flowing in their veins, not 100% Rivers. (Not An Insult).šŸš¶
Rivers men are not too generous. Kinda greedy and stingy. They don’t fucking care about their children education, especially those from the Riverine areas.(NOT ALL).
Rivers men womanizes alot. I repeat, Rivers men womanizes alot!(NOT ALL). So before marrying a Rivers man, take note of this. Don’t be deceived with riches, cuteness, swag etc. Egungun be careful, na express u dey go.
Rivers men/people reading this don’t take it personal. I’m just stating the obvious. Besides I’m a Rivers man as well. Bye bye
Abia state NEXT! then Cross Rivers State šŸ‘‰šŸ‘Œ

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